We are recruiting positive and team orientated people to come and be a part of our Green Army in Zimbabwe.

The IAPF’s Conservation Guardians initiative will be running back-to-back throughout the year. This is our way of fulfilling our training obligations in Africa. We need you on the front line with us, working with our rangers and having a direct impact on the future of Africa’s amazingly unique wildlife.

No previous experience is needed. Just bring a good attitude and a love for wildlife and conservation.

As a Conservation Guardian in our Green Army, you will be assisting our instructors in conducting anti poaching patrols, camp administration, wildlife tracking and monitoring and logistics, such as training and education. These are all part of the daily responsibilities that are associated with the program.

You will be constantly in contact with some of Africa’s most endangered and incredible animals all while living in close proximity with one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls.

Simply complete the form below, contact James ( with your preferred dates and we will confirm if we have positions available.

2 responses to “Join IAPF

  • Mugo

    Thats a very good move you made guys.We must protect and conserve our wildlife before they become exinct,especially rhinos.Wish you a good new year and good luck to all your endeavours!!

  • Luke

    Keep up the good work, it would be good if you guys were spread across the enitre continent!

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