Plight of the Rhino

Dead rhino mother and calf; mother poched for her hornThe resources made available to rhino poachers are similar to that of ivory poachers. Black market crime syndicates order the horn for interested clients and then task a poaching unit to slaughter as many animals as it takes to make up the quota. They operate with modern equipment using ruthless tactics before taking the horn and leaving the carcass to rot. Female rhinos that lose their calves to poachers go through a period of mourning, in which they will frequently return to their dead calf’s carcass. When poaching gangs manage to kill a calf, but not the mother, they exploit this behavior in order to kill the mother too.

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Ivory Poaching

Elephant IvoryOnly 1% of the Africal Elephant population remains from 100 years ago. Ivory poaching is no longer an opportunistic crime carried out by individuals. It is now carried out by highly sophisticated, heavily armed units of poachers who are wreaking havoc amongst the elephant and rhino populations of Africa.

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Medicinal Sources

Across many Asian regions and particularly in India, poaching of the endangered tiger has increased dramatically as the demand increases the price of parts. Everything from bones, fur, paws, whiskers, testicles, penis and eyeballs are used for various Asian medicinal purposes, most predominantly in China. In 1900 there were 100,000 tigers in India, now there is only 2-3% remaining. China now has less than 100 tigers. Some uses for tiger parts in the Far East include; hanging a tigers nose over the marriage bed to increase the chances of having a boy; soaking the penis in alcohol to increase virility, and using the whiskers to cure toothache.

Asia’s cutural belief combines with their sky rocketing population numbers paint a very grim picture for wildlife concerned.

Bush meat

Poaching for bush meat has reached unprecedented levels in many areas around the globe. Africa is suffering such substantial losses that many areas once teaming with wildlife, have been completely wiped out. The meat is sold commercially to now bustling urban centers looking for cheaper alternatives, particularly in tight economic times. As the meat has not been farmed it can naturally be sold a much cheaper rate. At the other end of the scale, rare dishes such as gorilla, are sold to upper class customers who make full use of the available luxury.

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Injury left by a snareIn terms of poaching, snares have become public enemy number one across much of sub Saharan Africa. Criminals indiscriminately lay what essentially becomes a minefield for wildlife.

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