What we are about

The IAPF has shown that through education and action an actual difference can be made to the current crisis. The IAPF understands the necessity for the service it provides and seeks to collaborate openly with all other similar orientated organisations.

Where we are based

The IAPF was started in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe after Damien travelled through much of Southern Africa learning about poaching and the issues being faced. Members spend majority of their time in the field, however they do regularly return to Victoria Falls town between projects to regroup. Increasing projects around the country and regions keep everyone busy. The IAPF training academies is based just outside the Falls on 5000 hectares of land where there is an abundance of wildlife. Eco-Ranger the 2nd Academy is based on the edge of Kruger National Park in South Africa and the 3rd will be opening in 2012 in the 270,000 hectare Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve in South Africa’s Easter Cape.

An office and schools committee in Australia handles all the education side for school children.

How we are funded

Damien Mander had a military career of 9 years, 3 years of which were spent in Iraq. He has invested his life savings including the sale all investment properties to fund the start up of the IAPF. The Raw for Africa music festival is held every year which also raises much needed funds. In 2010 Damien’s long time best mate, Steven Dean, sold up everything and put the funds into the IAPF – moving to Zimbabwe to help with the struggle. Collectivly they have invested the savings of 7 years fighting in wars towards conservation. Africa is now their frontline.

Mission Statement

IAPF will protect and preserve wildlife through the provision of specialist training and equipment to anti poaching units and communities in volatile regions.


  • To provide clear and relevant conservation training to enhance awareness against poaching and to help implement sustainable alternatives for communities living in regions affected by environmental instability.
  • To empower anti poaching units to demonstrate legally assertive action against currently superior poaching elements in order to cripple environmentally destructive activities in all areas of operation.
  • To execute relentless patrols in areas of operation to target the removal of wire snares used indiscriminately for the commercial bushmeat trade.
  • To demand and monitor only ethical and corruption free standards of practice from all anti poaching units.
  • To establish and support environmentally beneficial training and educational projects that teach methods which counteract poaching and encourage environmental protection.
  • To work towards the repopulation of endangered species.
  • Through marketing and awareness campaigns increase accurate global understanding about the current issue of poaching facing volatile regions.

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