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Modern Warrior: Damien Mander at TEDxSydney

On May 4 Damien Mander, CEO of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation delivered a TED talk to a packed Sydney Opera House. Please take the time to view the link below and share it as widely as you can. This will assist us in spreading a valuable message about how animals are treated.

Described as a “Double-barrel shotgun with no safety catch”, “Provocatively jarring” and “Extraordinary” this TED talk “is a wakeup call to arms that should be viewed by all human beings”. Even if you have only ever loved just one animal then please share this video that left a packed Sydney Opera House unnervingly challenged.

“Damien Mander prowled the stage like the wild animals he protects, delivering a primal attack on our priorities in a world where those who have no voice are rarely heard.”

Please like, share and tweet to get the message out there.

Read some of the viewer comments over recent days:

Awesome talk mate. Well delivered and thought provoking. 10/10 I have watched TED talks for years and this is by far the best.

Damien – WOW, your TEDx presentation was flawless! An intensely proud moment for all of us trying to help the animal kingdom. So well spoken, emotive yet sensible and just the right amount of ‘crazy’  WELL DONE Shamwari!! You are a warrior amongst mere men. I will be sharing wide and far and for my own benefit, replaying whenever that familiar overwhelming feeling encroaches for anyone involved in this effort!

Just watched your TEDx talk – truly inspiring and thought provoking words.

Your TEDx talk was so inspiring! I’ve been following your stuff for quite a whilel, but that was pretty impressive speech. I hope more people view it and share it wide.

A huge thank you and support for your work~ I was very moved at your TEDx presentation.

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