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Ranger profle – Chelepele Phiri

Ranger Chelepele Phiri

“In God we trust, in wildlife we save.” Chelepele Phiri, one of the top rangers in Victoria Falls tells his story and what it means for him

to be an IAPF ranger.

“Seven years ago I started to work as a ranger. In 2009, a huge man, Damien Mander poured his excellence into my mind, which is [like] a guidance to wildlife.”

Chelepele continues, “Animals like rhino and elephant must not get extinct, for future generations. The more wildlife, the more jobs to our children, nephews and cousins.”

Proudly, he states: “On the ground as one of the IAPF rangers, we will save the animals, but anyone, wherever you are can save the wildlife by working with us.”

Chelepele has seen the impact and change in attitudes from rangers through the involvement and dedication of our Green Army participants from overseas, as well as the useful equipment that has been donated towards our cause. The Green Army programs reminds rangers that they are not doing a thankless task, but something that is of concern to everyone.

Chelepele in action

Often, it is left up to struggling African countries to protect their wilderness areas for the rest of the world to enjoy. These wilderness

areas are of global significance and it should be a global responsibility.

With a characteristic grin, Chelepele finishes off by saying, “My favourite animal is the Zebra. Zebras cannot be affected by the weather. They are like rangers, anytime ready to go!”

Thanks Chelepele. The world needs more rangers like you!

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