Damned if you do & damned if you don’t – Legalising the Rhino Horn Trade: Episode 2

4 responses to “Damned if you do & damned if you don’t – Legalising the Rhino Horn Trade: Episode 2

  • steve morvell

    Well thanks so much Damian for this enlightening and balanced commentary. Damnede indeed…..the only elephant in the room is world human population….if reduced to a steady level would probably allow all species to co-exist on lour limited planet. Then we just may find when we are under less pressure that we are all healthier and happier…..human. non-human and ecosystem alike. Maybe a utopian view….but maybe the only true solution to the problems humans create for all species including ourselves.

  • jitchay

    My understanding of the subject of whether to legalise the trade of Rhino Horn or not is similar to other similar prohibited trading of elephant tusks, shark fins or even drugs.

    I am more for legalising and of setting up rules and regulations to monitor the trade. This will cut off excessive profiteering of these products

    There should also be more education and research of the real benefits of consuming such products.

    Do you know that many ignorant consumers think, for example that rhino horns are sawn off from a live animal because they think that horns will grow back for future supply?

    I believe it takes a long time to change habits and only through continuous education of the younger generations will change occur.

  • Brian Dobbins

    Definitely in favour of legalization to reduce profit of illicit trade. Really impressed with your study tour of Vietnam because I’m convinced that both education & anti poaching operations are necessary.

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