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IAPF Fundraisers

The IAPF has a number of fundraising events taking place in the month of April.  If you’re in the area, then we urge you to come along and show your support.

Firstly, on the 19thof April at the Yacht Club de Monaco,  we will host ‘Rocking for Rhinos,’ a fundraiser for much needed funds for ‘Conservation Guardians’ a conservation initiative between IAPF, and Men of Trees.

Rocking for Rhinos

The event will feature auctions of various rhino artwork and memorabilia, in particular a Larry Norton original painting named,  ‘2016’.

The painting is a picture of a pair of black rhinos on top of the Chizarira escarpment, part of Chizarira National Park. This is significant as Black rhino have been locally extinct in that area for nearly 20 years.

“Chizarira 2016, Mother and Child”

The plan is to turn the painting into a reality with IAPF, in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, set to resurrect the aging park and restore it to its former glory.  This includes the re-introduction of black rhino into the park over the coming years.

For more information on the fundraiser head to the Conservation Guardians blog.

On Friday the 19th of April, the IAPF is holding it’s first ever fundraising event in Zimbabwe. The black tie event will be held at the Mystique Function Centre in Bulawayo.

The focus of the fundraising dinner is Chizarira National Park. We have acquired two Land rovers,  4×4’s that are in a state of disrepair. The funds raised will go into re-conditioning one, if not both vehicles, so they can be used in anti-poaching operations in the area

Bulawayo fundraiser

Local Zimbabwean favourites ‘The Chikenbus Band’ will be entertaining the crowd and there will also be the auctioning of various pieces for the cause.

Tickets are $65. For more information or bookings contact Kirsty from Gardens and Events

From all of us at the IAPF have a Happy Easter and hopefully we will see you at one of the events!

RAW Family Fundraising Family Music Festival

After 12 months of hard work from a dedicated group of committee members back home in Australia, Raw 2012 went live last Sunday, March 18. Held at Morningstar Estate on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, the aim of the event was to raise much needed awareness and financial support in aid of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Over 1200 people attended the event throughout the day to watch a great line up of bands. Local artists such as Lash 78, Matt Mc Hugh, Jeff Lang and the Fireballs entertained everyone on the lawn all afternoon, and of course, who could forget crowd favourite, Dallas Frasca who was back for her second year in a row.

RAW 2012

With the weather sitting pretty on 26 degrees the committee sighed with relief, unable to predict what the Melbourne sky is capable of. The new venue was perfect for the event and the huge variety of kid’s activities allowed the parents to relax for the afternoon and enjoy the tunes.

From me: to the committee, I can’t thank-you enough. I had only turned up in Australia a few days before hand and everything had been put together. All I had to do was turn up to the event and enjoy the afternoon, chatting to the crowd about our valuable work towards conservation. To the sponsors and volunteers – The event would not be possible without you. Thanks so much again. And saving the best until last – THE CROWD. Thank-you to everyone that came down, enjoyed the music, supported the cause and had a great day with a likeminded group of people.

We hope to see everyone throughout the year. Please keep following the IAPF’s work at

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Cheers everyone.

Damien Mander

IAPF in the media

As the poaching epidemic that has gripped the planet increases at an alarming rate, more awareness needs to be raised about how critical the situation is on the ground.

However, in a day and age when news and information can be transmitted so quickly, across so many different formats, there is potential for stories to become distorted or misreported. It is therefore the aim of the IAPF to get the correct facts to the right people, which allow them to report accurately on the situation.

The key to winning this war is awareness. The media is one of the best tools that the conservation community has in it arsenal.

Here are some of the latest articles about the IAPF’s activities. I urge you to share these with you friends so we can involve more people in the struggle.

Damien Mander on Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’

If you manage to miss it, or for our overseas supporters, Click here to see the interview in full.

IAPF feature in “Rhino Wars” National Geographic article

“The rifle shot boomed through the darkening forest just as Damien Mander arrived at his campfire after a long day training game ranger recruits in western Zimbabwe’s Nakavango game reserve” 

The IAPF is featured in the March 2012 issue of National Geographic, in an article entitled Rhino Wars.

Voice of America radio interview with Damien Mander

Special Forces operative teaches military tactics to wildlife rangers Jan 30, 2012 Online article and Radio Interview with Damien Mander on Voice of America – heard daily by 123 million people in 44 countries, VoA is one of the worlds biggest radio networks. Click here to listen to the interview

Green Army – The IAPF on Aljazeera – November 12, 2011

One of the world biggest and most respected news network Al Jazeera travelled to Zimbabweto film a feature story about the IAPF’s fight to save the black rhino and their Green Army of Rangers

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