Never work with children or animals!

3 responses to “Never work with children or animals!

  • Jason Page

    Thats awesome guys. Good to see the rhinos are doing well. Cheers Jason. I got to stop watching these cause it makes me want to come back.. lol

  • Claire Quinn

    Brilliant! It is great to see rhinos roaming around in your vid, perfect timing! Gives credibility to your worthy cause for the wider world (ex-Africa). As a budding conservationist myself in Zambia, I was having a chat with a Russian friend the other day and asked ‘What would make you give/act in terms of Rhino protection?’, she replied that she wants to see results, the success stories – seeing the rhino turn up impromptu in your vid goes some way of doing just this.

    I think it is about engendering a feel-good factor that will help attract peoples’ attention, and appeal to on-going support. Reading the stats on the demise of rhinos or seeing horror photos of these slaughtered creatures can have the opposite affect – I know when I view such information it makes me feel impotent and overwhelmed. Seeing your vid makes me feel there is hope of saving these animals, and reinforces the reason that IAPF exists.

    I think what you guys are doing is enormously important, please post more videos with footage of healthy rhinos, perhaps in the form of a rhino journal (this of course would take in other facts of the African bush, adding interest and appeal). The wider world needs reason to help protect these mammals, help them understand more the life of the rhino; compelling reasons need to be served up for people to join the cause; reasons that speak to people personally – your short film clip goes some way to doing this.

  • Carmen

    I loved how the rhinos walked into the scene while Damien was talking. They’s such beautiful animals and to everyone at IAPF, know how much we appreciate the courageous work you do to help protect Africa’s wildlife. God bless you all.

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