Heading Home to the Falls


My car is finally ready. It’s nearly lunch time in Harare and I’m preparing to drive back to Victoria Falls after two weeks away which was meant to be one. Regardless of the delay it has been a productive trip to the capital having positive meetings with donors and the British Embassy whilst here. One donor in particular is very interested in the Chizarira project and we spent all day Sunday preparing a proposal for their head office. Once back in the Falls I will link up with Deano who has the guys from FHM there with him at the moment doing a story for the magazine. I think it’s the South African version so I will have to get them to pressure the Aussie guys to get over here and do a follow up.

On Sunday I’ll leave for Chizarira and then spend the whole week there with the boss going through all the old records and management plans. None of them can be emailed as there are no computers or electricity at Chizarira and all the documents have been created on a typewriter. One of the first things we will do there is set up solar electricity, internet and computers so the management staff can do their jobs properly and communicate with the outside world. It’s pretty hard to manage a park and protect its animals when you spend most of your day doing a task that would normally take 10 minutes. Example – The boss there receives a radio message that he needs to make a phone call. He walks the 15 minutes back to camp, gets the driver, walks 15 minutes to the workshop and gets in the 7 tonne tip truck. They then drive the 3 hours to the nearest town where there is phone reception, make the call, and then return to camp. I witnessed this happen twice in two days during my last visit there. So you can see, life’s simple little tasks are not always that easy for the guys at Chizarira. Regardless, they are a highly motivated bunch and we are going to be able to achieve a lot with a little.

If you’re in Melbourne be sure to get your tickets to the RAW music festival and come and support conservation. for more in formation go to www.raw.org.au

Cheers everyone. Speak to you from the Falls!

Damien Mander

PS: Follow this link to hear our interview on Voice of America, one of the world’s largest radio broadcasters.

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Old technology means falling behind. A sattelite internet setup, computers and solar power will be some of the first things to go in HQ at Chizarira.

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